Arsene Wenger’s Fresh Prince Emotional Dad Scene Moments


If you’re a twenty/thirty something Arsenal fan then due to their prolonged presence in your life it might feel like you have two alternative father figures in your life: the professor-like Arsene Wenger, who refused to buy defensive midfielders and Mr Frosties in equal measure; and the evergreen Will Smith, who provided the soundtrack for our year six discos and has been trading charisma for dollars on the big screen non-stop since the mid 90s.


As we all soon realise about our own fathers, these omnipresent heroes feel the strain too. Although they normally keep a cool face on things there are instances that betray a fragility in both characters that remind us all of our own fears. In this video by youtubber ZunigasKing entitled “Arsene Wenger: What have I become?”, the rare emotion of seeing your dad cry is captured in a way not seen since the famous Fresh Prince of Bel Air scene when Will finally realises his own deadbeat dad is gone for good.

Tissues at the ready…

Arsene Wenger – What Have I Become?



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