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    Going from my fm14 experience primarily from my 2nd save (with Celtic, my first save I did less on with my home team Leicester, was somewhat harder and didn’t use all I’ve indicated below as the Celtic save was more about learning how to do things better) (I’ve not done much fm15 yet):

    1) I never use different mentality or play style even with my formations, i keep it the same at all times (it worked very well on fm14 for me) – that way, if I choose to use an untested formation, my team can still follow the same playstyle ensuring more consistent results due to little loss of tactical familiarity due to playstyle, and I can easily rotate my formations to prevent the AI adapting to one specific formation
    2) I pretty much always make all my subs at once, usually around the 60 minute mark (I dislike making substitutions much earlier or later than that for some reason, unless I make 1 or 2 at half time)
    3) I often (though not always) follow my assistants advice on the rare occasions I don’t actually ask him to do the team talk in the team talk section. Never use touchline instructions at all though
    4) I’ve always asked my assistant to deal with press conferences
    5) I always deal with training myself, occasionally following recommendations from staff meetings
    6) I try to play players with appropriate attributes for the role, or train them accordingly, but on fm14 if I really needed to I just put players who could play the position, without changing the role, regardless of how effectively they could perform it
    7) I have a few first choice players but unless I have no choice (say, injury crisis) I will select rotational players if they have higher conditioning than the first choice players, particularly if the first choice is below mid 90s conditioning, unless a player is just coming back from injury (where they usually sit on 94% condition if not played)
    8) I never arrange friendlies at all, leave that to my assistant and usually get weaker teams (occasionally still get strong teams though)
    9) Leave opposition instructions to assistant, but I can see your reasoning behind not using them, definitely something I will try out
    10) I have rarely needed team meetings, so can’t really comment on this one

    So, apart from the obvious differences, anything you could suggest I change?


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