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    will collinson


    In my Arsenal save, I’ve had an amazing season so far and for the majority of the season i was averaging 60% possession and like 4 goals a game and at one point i had 18 goals in 3 games and its just all fallen apart, I’ve lost 3 of my last 4 games and the other one was a hard fought draw against West Brom. I am not 31 games in and although I’m still 10 points ahead of my nearest challenger (Tottenham) because none of the current top 6 are playing that well, I’m still worried that I’ll surrender my lead to Tottenham or Liverpool. I have a feeling it might have something to do with the pressure having got to my players with the prospect of winning the league. I’ve tried team talks, having private chats with the players who are seriously underperforming and even rotating the team slightly to see if a player might have hit a run of good form since I last dropped them but nothing is working. What do I do?

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      1. Try to increase morale.
      2. Use players that have the highest morale on match day.
      3. If you had an argument with one of your players and they are unhappy, try to solve it if possible, if not, there’s not much you can do…
      4. You can try a new tactic, even if the team won’t be fluid, but just to try and trick the opposition’s scout.
      5. Download http://theraumdeuter.com/fm-16-cant-win-to-champion/ if you haven’t done so already!

      Hope it helps!

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      Sounds like a typical Arsenal season to me. Can’t change that

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        Haha the gunners are gone again



          It happens to me a lot when i win the title for the first time. Is the pressure of it all. Mainly because i let my assistant to have the interviews and he puts a lot of pressure on the players. What i tend to do and works to some extent to me, is that i talk to the players before and during the match and tell them to relax and enjoy the match. That seems to relief some pressure. If that doesen’t work, i will just change the tactic a little and play a bit more defensive. hope it helps.


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