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    Nice guide! Great job! I have a question I was just awarded 15m for qualifying for FIFA Champions League (custom file) but my allocation funds are only 13,718 and my overall balance is 12.4m. Why is my allocation funds so low??

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      The Raumdeuter

      Happy you liked it mate! Thanks.
      I believe you can only receive Allocation Funds from the competitions organised by the MLS…

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    Just a quick thing, you mention the Cascadia Cup as “nothing more than a view, showing a table where you and your rival clubs are monitored when played against each other.” (you must have been either Seattle, Portland or Vancouver in your save then). Whilst for non-Americans this might be true and easily confused with the ‘Past Meetings’ tab, MLS rivalry cups are actually quite important, especially for the fans.
    The Cascadia Cup is the only one with 3 teams in it (SEA, POR or VAN), but there are plenty of others. The Atlantic Cup (NYRB & DC), California Clasico (LAG & SJE), Texas Derby (DAL & HOU), etc.
    So whilst the board will often not consider it especially important, and it doesn’t provide any extra qualification spots or allocation funds, it is more than just a view.
    Other than that, it might be worth mentioning alongside the US Open Cup the Canadian Championship as Canadian MLS teams (VAN, TOR, MON) take part in that rather than the US Open Cup (alongside Edmonton and Ottawa).
    Good guide though, explains the complicated transfer system well – but I won’t get into my personal views on the system..

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      The Raumdeuter

      Thanks for the help Ruaridh, much appreciated!

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    I keep trying to buy young talent from other countries, but the bids are rejected as soon as the other team agrees. I’ve no idea why. There’s salary cap room, space in the squad, reserve room, and international spots. I’m bewildered, but my DoF keeps trying to foist useless Mexicans on me. I’m getting annoyed.

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      It’s all about reputation in that case. You can load up more players when starting a new save, especially those from nations that are more likely to migrate to your league.

      MLS on Football Manager is quite of a challenge tbh, so you need to be careful with every deal you approve.

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    Great guide – I just jumped ship from A-League to MLS (Australia also has a salary cap with youth incentives and set max squad size) but I found it completely overwhelming with Senior contracts, minimums, partial cap inclusions and being unable to shift in youth players at first glance.

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      Happy you like it!

      It’s quite difficult to do much really, you must rely on your youth system (upgrade facilities if possible) and just hunt for good cheap options from low-rated nations…


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