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    In my database,

    Odegaard and Martial only have 166 potential.
    I guess that’s the wonderkids for me.
    Is it possible for the PA’s to develop as well? for instance if we have developed
    the aforementioned wonderkids to their max potentials.

    Odegaard’s 166 PA to 190? Or it’s fixed by the time we generate the new database (new game)?

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      Potential doesn’t change unless it is set as a range value, like -95, -9, -85 etc.

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    how do you find what a player’s potential is on the game?

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      using the editor, or by scouting…

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    @Anonymous, I’m not sure if I understand.

    Were you trying to say that the low rep teams had grey players with incredible attributes and as a result you were losing most friendly matches?

    Could be a bug if that’s the case. Greyed out player shouldn’t be anywhere as good as you described. Report it on the SI forums.

    However, if you’ve made many transfers in a single window you should expect you team to perform awkward in the next few months. Also, take into account that some teams have already made several transfers in real life, so when you start a game you also have to consider those.

    Hope it helps!

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    i have gone through the attribute for underdog team to be my sparring partner before leage start.. but almost of them got a outstanding attribute.. almost 18 shooting, 18 tackling etc.. how to solve this matter.. i frequent lost.. (i bough your tactic already)..


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