Happy Thanksgiving from The Raumdeuter!

Season’s greetings football/soccer fans!

Despite our European orientation we get a lot of readers from over the pond, and even though we don’t have Turkey Day like you lucky holiday loving Yanks, we still like the sentiment of giving thanks to those who deserve it.

In this instance, the gratitude is shown by us and bestowed upon you, the reader.

We started this website just over a month ago with the intent of developing our writing skills and eventually putting out a great football website that was concerned with informing our readership about the state of the game and the thriving football culture, rather than capitalising on it with articles that we knew would get lots of clicks but said things that had already been said millions of times before.

In that time we’ve unexpectedly had over 50,000 hits, 15,000 visitors, and even gained a few followers along the way, and we’d like to thank anybody that has even read an article so far, as it’s much easier to be motivated to write if you know somebody will actually consider your opinion afterwards.

Going forward, we just want to keep making things that people will continue to enjoy/argue with/provoke thought, so we welcome any feedback or suggestions that you’re willing to give, either on the website itself or  on twitter. We love the idea of a proper intellectual footballing community, and while we’re not big-headed enough to think that it will start and end on our website (as great as it is) we want to help move the discussion forward.

If you can run us through why Chelsea will stroll to the Premier League unbeaten this season, then let us know! If you think that Sepp Blatter is actually being vilified and Qatar 2022 will be the greatest World Cup ever, let us know! If you think our website is shit and we should decapitate ourselves with our MacBooks, just let us know!

Anyway, whether you’re American, Saudi Arabian, Romanian, North Korean or even from good old England, have a great Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to appreciate those who helped you to get where you are.

Everybody at The Raumdeuter


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