6 tips and tricks to improve your football betting skills in a few minutes

Football and betting just seem to go together. So many people are avidly not only supporting their club or national team but also trying to predict the outcome of a match.

Although doing the latter with 100% accuracy is impossible, we will share a few tips that will help football fans get more bang for their buck in their betting practice.

With the help of lazybuguru.lt, a sports betting news and guide website, we present 6 unique tips for betting on football!

1.  Get to know the stats of the league

If you’re not betting on a World Cup or a European championship, but rather a club championship, make sure you find out the stats of recent times.

For example, you should know that games in Spain and Germany have the highest chance of having more than 4 goals total.

On the other hand, Italy’s Serie A is the place where the most goalless draws and 1-0 victories occur. Such knowledge can greatly help you when picking out what to bet!

2.  Form is important, but not everything

Too frequently, bettors are solely focused on the recent form of their or interesting team. They think that the past 3, 5, or other numbers of matches tell the whole story.

Well, that is not entirely true because, in those past games, they might have been playing without an important player, who was injured, there might have been opponents who were a class above, etc.

It’s important to look into their past games a tad deeper than just the score sheet. Make sure you know whether they lost on merit or because of some easily fixable mistakes.

3.  Win or Draw is a great choice (or is it?)

Many bettors pick the option for the winner or a draw. But this bet is actually quite weak, considering that the odds are usually severely diminished, compared to the plain win pick.

The only times when a win or a draw represents a solid choice is when you’re betting on a team that’s super solid defensively.

If the team has a fantastic offence but the back 3, 4 or 5 lack the experience and the consistency, don’t wager your money as it can lead to many disappointments.

4.  Explore the avenue of live betting

Don’t just focus on the bets that can be made pre-match. There are a lot of developments and unique insights that you can pick up on during the first 80-something minutes.

Live betting is a great way to cover a losing pre-match and minimize losses or to capitalize on recent development.

5.  A draw is a high-risk, high-reward bet

Statistics show that anywhere between 20% and 28% of football matches in England’s top two divisions end in a draw. In total, one in four games should end 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, etc.

Betting on a draw is always very risky because it’s super nerve-racking to see any team get the lead and wait for the tying goal.

However, with odds usually close to tripling your money, sometimes it’s worth a go!

6.  Follow the news

Be updated on what’s happening with the teams. Factors like wages being late, fallouts between players and coaches, a returning player – are all super important when determining the best bet. Sites like penalty.lt will keep you updated!

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