All 20 Premier League clubs opposed FIFA’s biennal World Cup plan

The Premier League clubs have united in opposition to Arsene Wenger's controversial proposal to hold the World Cup every two years

FIFA is conducting a feasibility study into holding the men’s and women’s World Cups every two years from 2028 as part of a radical reorganisation of the football calendar.

The plans were mooted earlier this year by former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, now FIFA’s chief of global football development, who has insisted they will reduce the exertion on players and lead to more meaningful top-level matches.

The world governing body also has plans for qualifying matches to be reduced and condensed into one or two international breaks per season, rather than the current five, from 2024.

The Premier League released a statement in which it was confirmed that all clubs were against the proposal, joining UEFA and the European Club Association in condemning FIFA’s plans.

The statement read: “The Premier League is committed to preventing any radical changes to the post-2024 FIFA international match calendar that would adversely affect player welfare and threaten the competitiveness, calendar, structures and traditions of domestic football,” Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said.

“We are open to reforms and new ideas, but they must enhance the complementary balance between domestic and international football in order to improve the game at all levels.

“This process should also involve meaningful agreements with the leagues that provide the foundations for the game.

“We will continue to work with supporter groups, players, domestic and international stakeholders to find solutions that are in the best interests of football’s long-term future.”

The Premier League revealed their revised 2022-23 season calendar

FIFA’s decision to play the Qatar 2022 World Cup in November and December has caused a calendar challenge for the Premier League.

A winter World Cup in Qatar will cause trouble in the middle of European football seasons and so the EPL have revealed how they will navigate the month-long tournament.

The Premier League have confirmed action will start just a week earlier than usual, pausing in mid-November and restarting on Boxing Day, only a week after the World Cup 22 final.

High temperatures in Qatar during the summer determined the football governing body to switch the World Cup from June and July to November and December.


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