Betting on the Premier League? Here’s What You Need to Know

A short guide that will help you better understand the format and how to correctly bet for your favorite English football club

The Premier League is the top tier of the football pyramid in England. Twenty football clubs are competing in this League, vying for the title of English Champion. It is the home of the most renowned football players, clubs, managers, and even stadiums in the sport of football.

Aside from being a world-class football league, the Premier League games are one of the most sought-after sports betting events that most bettors look forward to yearly. If you haven’t bet on the Premier League yet and are planning to bet on the event this year, you must pause first and learn everything you need to know about betting on the Premier League.

The Odds of the Premier League

You should know that getting familiar with the Premier League odds is the most crucial first step when betting on the event. What the betting odds represent is the first thing you must understand. Understanding betting odds is one of the most important steps to being a successful sports bettor. Some think this is challenging, but reading odds may become automatic with enough practice and time commitment.

Studying odds can help you decide on payouts, bet sizes, and how to find and take advantage of the value in a betting line.An oddsmaker’s view or opinion on a specific game, proposition, or event can be seen in the betting odds. They also show the potential payoff, or how much a gambler would have to risk to win a particular sum.

The Various Types of football Bets

Another thing you should know about Premier League betting is the different types you can choose from. Here are the different types of football bets you should learn about before you start betting on football games.

Three-Way Moneyline Bet

The straight-up wager is the most popular type of wager used in football. It would be best if you decided which team will ultimately prevail. Although a tie is always possible in football, you can bet neither club will prevail. It is why the wager is known as a three-way moneyline or just a 1X2 wager. This means 2 for an away victory, 1 for a home win, and X for a draw.

Please remember that, unless otherwise noted, the outcome is typically viewed as a draw if additional time or penalties exist.

Double chance

You have a higher likelihood of winning with this kind of stake. Thus, it is called “double chance.” The wager can be placed on either the home team winning or drawing, the away team winning or drawing, or even both the home, and away teams winning. If there is a draw in the third bet, you lose.

Draw No Bet

In this condensed form of the 3-way moneyline, you can only select one team to prevail in the match; choosing a draw is not an option. If the score is a tie, the water is considered a push, and you will get your money back.


Each club in this bet receives a handicap based on whether they’re the superior team. The weaker team scores first, and the superior team trails by that many goals. The superior team must triumph by a margin more significant than their handicap value if you bet on them.

If you bet on the team that is considered to be weaker, they should either win or suffer a loss that is less than the handicap they were given. This results in more thrilling wagers between squads that are not skill-matched.


Like other sports, football has over/under-betting. Bettors place bets on whether they believe the score will be higher than or lower than the bookies’ over/under values, which the bookmaker sets. You profit if it exceeds the overvalue, and you bet on over. You win if it falls below the undervalue and you bet on under.

Both Teams to Score

With the BTTS or both clubs to score option, you can try to forecast if both teams will score a goal. You can place a wager like this even if you don’t think any teams will score. Finally, you can wager on whether a goal will be scored just by the home or away team.

Parlay Bet

Parlays let gamblers wager on multiple outcomes to boost their chances of winning rather than just one game or result. You make two or more choices within the same game when you parlay. Your odds increase as you add more options or wagers.

Although your possibilities of winning are greater, so is the associated danger. While placing a parlay bet, players may need to use multiple websites and platforms to prevent getting blacklisted.

Final Thoughts

It would be best to learn the above things before betting on the Premier League. It will help you better understand the format and how to correctly bet for your favorite English football club to increase your chance of profiting.

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