Boosting morale to increase your team’s chances of winning in Football Manager

Short video tutorial where we show you how to quickly solve bad morale problems on matchday in Football Manager games.

Unambitious players will always cause you headaches. They will often display uninterested body language in matches where your team is considered a clear favourite.

These types of players will also become complacent after their team scores a goal.

And, on top of that, players which have very different types of personalities are more likely to have an argument or a fight, developing hate towards each other.

Morale is an indicator of the player’s current mood and mindset. The higher the morale, the more likely he is to perform well. 

Morale Drop Causes

Having a highly determined squad would is ideal, but even the most ambitious squads will have moments when their morale is low, either because they got overconfident and have become complacent, or just because they are going through a bad run of form.

And, of course, if we decompose these causes for individuals, we can find loads of reasons that can determine morale drops, like:

  • expecting more playing-time
  • feeling that the club is underachieving
  • wanting to move to a bigger club
  • expecting a better contract
  • feeling homesick
  • shocked about not being picked for the National Team, etc.

Communicate to succeed

The video below will show you an example of how I drastically increased my team’s morale before a match by taking advantage of player interactions:

There are many factors that can seriously affect a player’s morale. However, a sequence of victories combined with efficient Pep Talks and clever press conference answers can radically change your fortunes and help you maintain a long winning streak in Football Manager 2022.

Luckily, you can find the best answers to all the Pep Talk scenarios, instructions about how to use touchline talks and the best way to deal with press conferences in our Football Manager ebooks.

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