EA Sports FC: Embracing a new horizon as FIFA fades into history

As the iconic EA Sports FIFA series approaches its final chapter, fans are eagerly anticipating the dawn of a new era with EA Sports FC

In a groundbreaking move, EA announced that after the release of FIFA 23, they will be bidding farewell to the long-running series and venturing into uncharted territory with their very own football franchise, EA Sports FC.

The anticipated release of EA Sports FC 24 is slated to take place between August 1 and October 31, 2023, following EA’s successful annual release strategy. This transition marks a seismic shift for players who have become accustomed to the FIFA titles. However, David Jackson, VP of Brand at EA Sports, assures fans that this change will bring forth a brighter future for gaming, unlocking the true potential that was often hindered by FIFA.

Speaking about the upcoming transformation, Jackson expresses his excitement, stating, “There’s a huge amount of energy in all of our studios, all over the world, to get after the ambition that we know we’ve set ourselves with this new brand, EA Sports FC.” He believes that by charting their own path forward, they can meet and exceed player expectations, delivering unparalleled experiences through their own platform.

This departure from the FIFA brand is not without its reasons. EA CEO Andrew Wilson has been vocal about the limitations imposed by FIFA. Wilson contends that what EA receives from FIFA outside of World Cup years amounts to little more than the four letters on the front of the box, in an age where digital purchases dominate the gaming landscape.

Jackson highlights authenticity as a key factor that will set EA Sports FC apart. With 19,000 players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues already present in the game, maintaining this authenticity remains a paramount aspect of the EA Sports experience. However, breaking away from FIFA will also open doors for innovation and the creation of new and engaging experiences, aligning with Wilson’s vision.

Embracing this new mindset, Jackson explains, “It’s a mindset shift for us. We now think very expansively about opportunity and the areas that we would like to create experiences for fans in the future. We have a huge amount of confidence in what we’re going to be able to bring to the market later on this year.” He emphasizes that EA Sports FC will continue to prioritize authenticity while striving to deliver innovative gameplay that meets the evolving expectations of their dedicated player base.

The next milestone in this exciting journey will be the release of EA Sports FC 24 in September 2024, accompanied by a sneak peek at the game’s new features in July. It is then that players can truly gauge whether EA has successfully met their expectations with this fresh title and series.

As EA bids farewell to FIFA, they will leverage their 300 other licenses to enhance the gaming experience even further. While acknowledging the positive relationship built with FIFA, Wilson acknowledges that, ironically, the FIFA license has sometimes hindered the growth of the franchise. With the vision for EA Sports FC, EA is poised to venture into uncharted territory, armed with enthusiasm and a willingness to push boundaries.

As gaming enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of EA Sports FC, the stage is set for a new era of virtual football. Only time will tell if EA’s ambitious endeavor will revolutionize the genre and propel them to new heights.


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