EA Sports is investigating whether FUT Cards are sold illegaly by employees

EA is investigating allegations that someone involved with EA FIFA is selling rare FIFA 21 Ultimate Team items in exchange for real money through a black market.

EA Sports has announced that it is investigating allegations employees are selling rare player cards following widespread concern within the FIFA 21 fanbase.

The cards are used in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), an online multiplayer mode that generates enormous revenues for EA Sports, and often feature players with superior abilities, giving their owners an advantage in matches.

Earlier this week, reports began spreading on social media that claimed to have screenshots of a text exchange between an alleged EA employee and a FIFA 21 player trying to purchase FUT Icon and Team of the Year cards. In the text exchange, the seller was offering rare cards for over $1,000 USD.

As you can see from the leaked messages above, the alleged EA employee explains to the customer that players are paying thousands of dollars to list valuable Icon Moment cards like Ruud Gullit and Ronaldo on the transfer market.

Furthermore, FIFA 21 streamer Nick28T posted further screenshots and even ‘video proof’ that could suggest an EA employee is selling FUT cards for real cash.

It must be noted that nothing has been proved at this stage, although those behind the scenes at EA Sports have confirmed that a “thorough” investigation is already underway in relation to the incident.

EA Sports have previously been accused of designing loot boxes, which a parliamentary inquiry has called to be recognised as a form of gambling due to the random nature of the rewards offered and the spending of real money.

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