Is it enough to sign with an EPL club to become quicker in Football Manager?

Looking at a few questionable growths of 'Acceleration' and 'Pace' attributes in successive Football Manager releases.

Whilst looking to do some attributes comparison between Football Manager 2014 and Football Manager 2015 I’ve found what I’d call a weird pattern.

Acceleration as Pace can be rated from 1 to 200.

In-game we see it from 1 to 20, but that only happens to avoid confusing users with high numbers, like with all the other attributes.

I’ll just show a few examples that can be seen clearly with the 1-20 scale as well.

So let’s have a look at some of the foreign transfers done this summer in the Premier League.

Carlos Sánchez @ Elche @ FM14 / Aston Villa @ FM15carlos-sanchez-fm14 carlos-sanchez-fm15


Lazar Markovic @ Benfica @ FM14 / Liverpool @ FM15

lazar-markovic-fm14 lazar-markovic-fm15


Divock Origi @ Lille @ FM14 / Liverpool @ FM15

divock-origi-fm14 divock-origi-fm15


Emmanuel Rivière @ Monaco @ FM14 / Newcastle @ FM15emmanuel-riviere-fm14 emmanuel-riviere-fm15


Florin Gardoş @ Steaua @ FM14/Southampton @ FM15



Sadio Mané @ Salzburg @ FM14 / Southampton @ FM15

sadio-mane-fm14 sadio-mane-fm15


Federico Fernández @ Napoli @ FM14 / Swansea @ FM15



Benjamin Stambouli @ Montpellier @ FM14 / Tottenham @ FM15benjamin-stamboului-fm14 benjamin-stamboului-fm15


Brown Ideye @ Dynamo Kyiv @ FM14 / West Brom @ FM15

brown-ideye-fm14 brown-ideye-fm15


Cristian Gamboa @ Rosenborg @ FM14 / West Brom @ FM15

cristian-gamboa-fm14 cristian-gamboa-fm15


Georgios/Giorgos? Samaras @ Celtic @ FM14 / West Brom @ FM15

georgios-samaras-fm14 georgios-samaras-fm15


Questions for the readers

1. Would Cristian Gamboa’s progress be possible at his age?

2. Who’s got the fault, the previous researcher, the latest one or is it just a game policy?


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  1. This is a clear pattern. Players transferred to the prem, especially from lower leagues always improve drastically over the summer…

  2. Player’s attributes always change season to season no big surprise here that a few players got more pace considering the age of most of them plus just after the world cup where players can be scouted more easily and assigned attributes accordingly

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