Entain sees significant increase in player protection tool usage

Entain's ARC player protection tool saw a 98% increase in 2023, enhancing responsible gambling and supporting ESG priorities

Entain, a leading global sports betting and gaming entertainment group, reported a significant increase in the usage of its Advanced Responsibility and Care (ARC) player protection tool. The tool’s usage surged by 98% in 2023, demonstrating Entain’s dedication to promoting responsible gambling and ensuring player safety.

How the ARC tool works

The ARC tool employs artificial intelligence to monitor and assess player behaviour, identifying potential risks and intervening when necessary. The system uses three AI-based models to flag high-risk activities such as unusual deposits, long gaming sessions, and large withdrawals.

When problematic behaviour is detected, the tool can recommend or enforce various control measures, including setting payment limits and suggesting participation in safer gambling programmes.

Impact and effectiveness

In 2023, the ARC tool performed 8.7 million interventions, helping players manage their gambling habits more effectively. Notably, 98% of high-risk players set at least one control feature, while 65% of medium-risk players implemented similar measures. This widespread adoption underscores the tool’s effectiveness in fostering a safer gambling environment.

Commitment to ESG

Entain’s focus on player protection is part of its broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. The company allocated £18.7 million, or 1% of its gross gaming yield in the UK, to research, education, and treatment for problem gambling. This commitment reflects Entain’s dedication to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Future plans

Looking ahead, Entain plans to enhance its AI policies and prepare for emerging regulations, such as the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act. The company is also focused on improving cybersecurity, having introduced new security features in 2023, including multi-factor authentication and advanced AI-based threat detection systems.

Entain’s efforts in regulated markets are also noteworthy, with 100% of its revenues coming from such markets as of December 2023. The company aims to maintain this standard while pursuing licenses in additional jurisdictions.

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