Football Manager 2018 Best Tactics: Raumdeuter 2-6-2

Are you looking for the best tactics in FM 18? Then why not download my controversial Raumdeuter 2-6-2 tactic?!

I’ve already published proven three striker and lone striker tactics in my FM 18 eBook, so I thought about devising a two striker tactic that works. Yes, you heard well: Football Manager 2018 allows us to have tremendous succes with more than just one formation, which is awesome!

This doesn’t mean you should only use one tactic for every game, but you got the idea…

This FM 2018 tactic works in both home and away matches, but it does seem to work better when you are playing in front of your fans. Make sure your squad’s morale is better excellent if you want to win when playing away (use morale boosting techniques when playing away).

Do not expect to dominate the Premier League using only this tactic – you need more than one tactic to be successfull in FM 18…

FM 18 Best Tactics 2-6-2 Raumdeuter

Ignore the players’ role suitability. Don’t be afraid to use players outside their accomplished positions (but ask them to learn playing there). For example, I tried this FM 18 tactic with Inter and Arsenal. With Perisic and Icardi upfront we scored 5 goals in the first match.

With Arsenal, I’ve tested it more. Sanchez, Lacazette, Fekir (Lyon) & Andone (Coruña) seem the perfect forwards for this tactic. Feel free to retrain your wide players to play in the central positions and get rid of unworthy wingers – such as  Iwobi – and slow forwards: Giroud. In some cases, you could try to retrain your wingers to play as wing-backs (Walcott is better than you’d expect at WBR).

I advise you to use right-footed players on the right flank and left-footed players on the left flank; the same bit of advice works for DM’s, with the rest feel free to experiment.

FM 18 Best Tactics At Work: 2-6-2

One of your strikers will go slightly wide and cross from the edge of the area (FM 18’s sweet spot):

FM 18 Striker Cross Goal

The other sweet spot seems to be the slightly early cross from the Wing Back:

FM 18 Wing Back Cross

And the cherry on the cake is when your DM sends a killer ball that goes through and the striker does his job:

FM 18 Through Ball Goal

Raumdeuter 2-6-2 Download

Place the file here for easy load-up:

Windows: My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2016 > Tactics

Mac: In finder, go to – Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2016 > Tactics

Download the tactics (.zip file) and start playing straight away.

In case you need a few other excellent tactics (& a cracking 3-4-3 away tactic) don’t forget to download: FM 18 Can’t Win To Champion – this years’ release of my annual FM eBook.


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