Football Manager 2016 – Best Scandinavian U23 Players List

Find a personal list containing the 20 best young Scandinavian-based players in FM 2016 and their asking price on the first day of a new save.

The custom list contains basic player information: nationality, position, age or current club and the initial asking prices from day 1 of a new FM16 save.

The list only includes players that are currently based in Scandinavian countries, hence the reason why most of them are extremely affordable (not to say dirt cheap). Follow these steps to load all the players from the list when starting a new save:

Select the Advanced Database Size feature. Set the size to Large, add a new Region – Scandinavia and tick the Players from top division clubs option.

seLudwig Augustinsson21DL, AMLKøbenhavn£2.5 M
dkPione Sisto20AMR, AMLFC Midtjylland£6 M
noKristoffer Ajer17MC, DM, AMCStart£0.55 M
noIver Fossum18MC, AMC, DMStrømsgodset£1.3 M
seLinus Wahlqvist
18DR, DCNorrköping£1.3 M
noRafik Zekhnini17AML, STC, AMROdd£0.45 M
noJørgen Skjelvik23DL, AMLRosenborg£0.24 M
noHaitam Aleesami23DL, AMLIFK Göteborg£0.80 M
noMarius Lundemo21MC, AMC, DMLillestrøm£0.90 M
noSander Svendsen17STC, AMRL, AMCMolde£0.13 M
dkChristoffer Remmer22DRKøbenhavn£0.375M
seJordan Larsson18STCHelsingborg£0.60 M
seJoakim Nilsson21DC, DMGIF Sundsvall£1.6 M
noFredrik Midtsjø21MC, AMC, AMRLRosenborg£1.2 M
seEmil Bergström22DCDjurgården£0.625M
seFilip Dagerstål18DC, DMNorrköping£0.45 M
sePatrik Carlgren23GKAIK£0.60 M
seGustav Engvall19STCIFK Göteborg£0.675M
seChristoffer Nyman22STCNorrköping£0.18 M
seErdal Rakip19MC, AMCMalmö FF£0.625M

The Asking Prices will vary depending on the leagues and dates you start the save in; your club’s reputation or game updates can alter the list’s accuracy.

Remember to Scout the players to see their potential and find out how suitable they could be for your club. Plus, other valuable info can be revealed through scouting, like Injury Proneness or Consistency.


Ludwig Augustinsson


Pione Sisto


Kristoffer Ajer


Linus Wahlqvist


Jørgen Skjelvik


Marius Lundemo


Sander Svendsen


Filip Dagerstål


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