Football Manager 2022: dates, devices, licensing issues, features & more

The upcoming Football Manager 2022 series will debut on November 9th; find out everything you need to know about the game at a glance

Football Manager 2022 will be coming to screens across the world this November as the latest edition gets ready to launch.

FM 22 Release Date & Devices

Sports Interactive have repeatedly launched the newest edition of the game during November, and that won’t change for FM22: November 9, 2021, is the release date for Football Manager 2022.

Early Access will be available to those who pre-purchase the game and that means the game will be available to play approximately two weeks before the official launch date – nearby October 26.

FM 22 will be available to play on PC, Mac, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and mobile devices. Full release details for FM22 Touch, including our return to Nintendo Switch™, are yet to be announced.

FM 22 New Features

Sports Interactive has posted a new Football Manager 2022 video showing off some of the new features coming to the game this year, including new tools, data and fresh new UI.

There are a ton of new features being brought to the game. Check out the features reveal trailer here:

Manchester United branding issue in FM 22

One striking change in Football Manager 2022 is the absence of ‘Manchester United’ from the post-trademark dispute game between the Premier League club and Sega.

For the first time in the history of the game, the Old Trafford outfit will be known as ‘Manchester UFC’ or ‘Man UFC’ instead of its official name.

How much does Football Manager 2022 Cost? Check the live price here.

Still no women’s football in Football Manager

Football Manager’s representatives announced that women’s football would soon be introduced to the game, but it won’t make it into FM 22.

“We’ve been doing this behind the scenes for over a year. I’m sick of having to say to people on social media, when they’re asking me about it, ‘when we do it, we’ll do it properly’. We can now actually talk about it more,” FM studio director Miles Jacobson said in July 2021.

Tina Keech has been appointed the game’s head of women’s football research and the expectation is that the database required will take a number of years to build, so the women’s game will not be a feature in Football Manager 2022.

No Covid-19 in FM 22

Covid-19 will not be a feature in Football Manager 22, with the game’s developers keen to ensure the game is an escape from reality.

“Players will not miss matches because of Covid, players will not need to isolate when returning from holiday and, no, we will not have health officials coming onto the pitch to call off friendlies because some players haven’t followed the local isolation rules

Crowds will fill stadiums to pre-pandemic levels and club finances will, over time, return to normal – and handshakes are still there too, as you voted for last year,” Miles Jacobson wrote in his September update.

Football Manager is the world’s leading football management simulation title. With more than 50 countries to manage in and a database of over 800,000 players and staff, it offers an incredibly detailed and immersive experience.


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