How likely is Europe to win the 2022 World Cup?

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is rapidly approaching, having been one of the most controversial and highly-publicised tournaments for decades before the first whistle has even been blown. With 13 European teams qualifying for a spot in this year’s World Cup, what are the chances of Europe taking home the title?

European Teams in the World Cup Race

Europe is a continent of football lovers – many of the best European casinos and other iGaming platforms that are highly rated by European players and feature dedicated e-sports and sportsbook betting services, which are often focused on the beautiful game. As such, it is no surprise that lively discussion centred around which country is likely to win the 2022 World Cup has been rife in the online gambling world, both on the continent and beyond.

The recent confirmation of host cities for the 2026 World Cup has only worked as a reminder of just how fast the Qatar 2022 tournament is approaching, but which European countries stand a chance of bagging the big win, if any at all? To make your own estimation before kick-off, take a closer look at the full list of this year’s 13 European qualifiers, including bookmaker’s odds and the last notable World Cup performances of each team:


While most bookmakers tip Brazil for the win, France, England and Spain trail close behind in the odds. Of these three competitors, the French national team seems to be the most likely to take home the win, with odds of 11/2 (the best of any European team this year). The French also cherish two World Cup wins from 1998 and 2018 in recent memory.


Gareth Southgate’s rejuvenation of the England team has produced one of the most controversial and exciting squads in years, but how likely are the Three Lions of bringing it home to the glory days of 1966? The imminent spectre of Qatar 2022 has already had an undeniable and significant impact on the 22/23 Premier League season in England, and the team are currently placed with decent bookmakers’ odds of 6/1 of taking the win.


Having first taken the cup home following a successful campaign in the South African tournament of 2010, the Spanish national team have a pretty decent chance of taking names in Qatar. Currently, the odds of the Spaniards taking the top spot in the 2022 World Cup stand at a respectable 15/2.


As the long-standing rivals of the England team, Germany has won the World Cup an astonishing four times, winning the tournament in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014. With odds of 10/1, Germany are the fourth most likely European team to win the Qatar 2022 competition.


With odds of 12/1 at the bookies, Belgium seems to be neck-and-neck with Portugal when it comes to the chances of securing the ultimate victory in the tournament. Belgium’s top performance of all time occurred recently in 2018, when they finished in third place.


As one of the 13 European nations having qualified for a place in the tournament this year, Portugal stands as good a chance as any of taking home the title, despite having relatively low odds of 12/1 at the bookmakers. Portugal last came third in 1966, the year that England famously won the cup.


Although they have never taken the top spot, the Netherlands national team has come in second place at the World Cup three times, in 1974, 1978 and 2010 respectively. The Netherlands is the 8th most likely European team to scoop with a win this year, with odds of 14/1 at the bookmakers.


With odds of 28/1 to win, Denmark are another underdog team whose last notable performance in a World Cup tournament was in France 1998, when they secured a place in the quarter-finals to be beaten by Brazil.


As a runner-up of the 2018 World Cup, Croatia has developed in recent years to establish a more reputable position in European football. With odds of 35/1 at the bookmakers, Croatia sits just behind Denmark in terms of the likelihood of winning the Cup in 2022.


Despite finishing in third place in the 1974 and 1982 international tournaments, the Polish national team is at the lower end of the scale when it comes to European chances of victory this year. Poland currently has odds of 65/1 at the bookmakers, which means you could be in for a hefty win if they do happen to take the win.


With bookmaker’s odds of 80/1, the Swiss team stands about as good a chance as the Serbian side when it comes to winning the tournament, which is amongst the lowest in Europe. Switzerland was last able to reach the quarter-final stage in 1934, 1938 and 1954 respectively.


Finishing fourth in 1930 and 1962 respectively (when the country was known as Yugoslavia), Serbia is one of the European teams least likely to be victorious in Qatar, with odds to win of 80/1 at the bookies.


Having secured a last-minute spot in the tournament following a dramatic play-off with Ukraine, Wales is entering the 2022 World Cup with bookies’ odds of 100/1. The fact that Wales’ last notable performance was reaching the quarter-finals way back in 1958 only heightens the excitement, although this European team are not exactly the favourite this year, despite that dragon spirit.

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