International Week – Best time to play Football Manager and avoid betting on the favourites

This International Week provided quite a few surprises. And it ain’t over yet: Andorra, Azerbaijan or Malta still got to play… Funny or not, the mentioned nations will probably headline today’s fixtures. Why so? Let’s find out.

#Gibraltar lost at home 1-4 against the Faroe Islands in March. Current World Champions, Germany only won only 4-0 against the freshly invented amateur team from just below Andalucia.

#Faroe Islands managed to upset Greece in their home after grabbing a 1-0 historical win. It was their 5th official win in the 21 century and their first competitive goal since 2011. You can see they were absolutely ecstatic:

The video was provided by the Faroese FA; luckily they had a phone-camera handy!

#San Marino ticked the 3rd point in the nation’s history after holding on to a 0-0 against Estonia. It was their first-ever Euro qualifying point.

#Liechtenstein got their 7th all-time win in official matches after stunning Moldova away, 0-1.

Moldova vs Liechtenstein

Phone camera’s aren’t as popular amongst Liechtenstein’s FA officials, so you’ll have to settle for a press picture I’m afraid.


Isn’t it strange? We’re talking about these teams, yet not because they’ve suddenly become competitive. We’re only doing it because there isn’t anything else worth mentioning about current International Football. What could we talk and write about, Portugal’s terrific 1-0 win against Armenia, or England’s 58-minute sleep until Henderson’s own goal which woke up his teammates?

But the saddest thing happened when we’ve realised our last International Football article was also featuring San Marino.

But why is this all happening?

It was all predictable really. We all know how African players had skipped national team calls for years, just to rest and stay fresh for their future club matches.

Many clubs kept complaining about having their players injured, so they tried to persuade them to avoid those calls. Many times they even claimed some were injured, only not to let them go. And when they do have to feature in such games, they are strongly advised to take it easy and pander. After all, they pay the player’s salary, don’t they?

Other than that, it is already well-known that match-fixers target International Matches. Why, how, what?

Yes… match-fixing is just like any other full time job

There more dedicated you are and the more work you put in, the better the results.

They usually approach unpaid players from clubs with financial problems. But here, they already find a lack of motivation before even messing around with them. And if you think of it it’s easy to approach such players, saying things like:

“You should rest now, you don’t want to get a bad injury just before the Champions League match, do you? Oh, by the way, aren’t there more colleagues that would prefer to relax; we will reward all of you for that.”

They only encourage them to do what they and their clubs intended, so a bit of cash will surely go unnoticed. The trick works with the fans and the media as well; nowadays everyone expects to see certain players taking it easy.

No suspicion, less risk, much more involved and therefore more profit. Huge betting limits are also to be considered a strong point behind Syndicate member’s option to target these fixtures.

Don’t expect all fixed games involve Half-Time/Full-Time comebacks and 7 or more goals. That’s just silly!

Remember, it’s enough for Mafia Syndicate members to arrange a strong favourite not to cover their handicap line but still win!

So, what’s your opinion about International Football?

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