Is Football Manager 2016 Worth Buying?

Some associate the month of November with Black Friday. But we don’t! It’s the usual FM release month and if the game is really good, it can be the best month of the year for us! So, let’s have a look at the changes and improvements that FM16 has brought.

‘Is it pretty much just the same game with a few minor tweaks?’

Definitely not. This one of the most common questions asked on the web, so I’m going to try and answer it.

Two new Game Modes have been introduced:  Fantasy Draft & Create a Club. Watch a preview of the later bellow:

The interface has been redisigned and optimised. The new Set-Piece Creator looks and works very well.


The new Team Instructions Menu looks great and makes it easyer to understand the way your tweaks will affect the gameplan:


There’s good news for the big 3D fans as well.  Over 2000 new animations have been added into the game!

Cross-Save comptability has been introduced in Football Manager Touch 2016. So a career started on a tablet can be saved to the cloud and continued on computer (and vice versa.) Injuries are also much more realistic; you don’t get the same 4 ones all the time now!

‘I usually buy it in January, after they fix all the bugs’

Suprisingly or not, this year you don’t have to wait. I was personally amazed with the playability of the BETA. The game was stable and only presented minior issues during the week prior to the release.

Improved Realism

The sense of realism has also been greatly improved. The AI is a lot smarter and you will have to face a tough fight. Performing well using the same tactic in Home and Away matches has become impossible. Also, the number of wonderkids you can sign for a ridiculous fee has been dramatically reduced. Other than that, the players’ behavior is now much more complex; their concerns and plans are extremly relevant in most cases and have a real reasoning behind it. I’m sure that you will really be impressed.

Still not convinced? Try before you buy!

fm16demoYou just need a free Steam account to play the FM16 Demo. You can play 6 in-game months and if you later decide to buy, you can continue your save on the full game. Click on the above picture to download the demo.

You can get the cheapest FM16 by following the instructions from this link.

Can’t win away matches on FM16? Tired of losing and being stuck in mediocrity? Do you really want lead your team to success? Then, wait no more.

FM 16 – Can’t Win To Champion is out!

Download the guide and master the game after only one read!


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