Nearly 80% of people in a Merseyside borough have recently gambled

A new study by Public Health England has revealed that about 80% of people in the borough said they gambled within the last 12 months

Knowsley is the gambling capital of the UK, with more people gambling annually in the borough than anywhere else in the country, according to a study released by Public Health England.

The area is also one of the most deprived regions, suffering from chronic poverty and a bevvy of social issues.

According to the report, Knowsley has the highest levels of gambling out of a group of 19 local authority areas with significantly higher gambling levels than anywhere else in the country.

Nearly 80% of people in Knowsley gambled in the previous 12 months, compared to 68% in Liverpool, 67% in Wirral, 65% in Sefton, and 60% in St Helens, while some areas of the country have rates as low as 23%.

Earlier this year, a three-year review of Knowsley’s gambling licence policy was reviewed.

The borough’s Council suggested a few amendments of the licencing process in the area, striving to reduce any potential gambling-related harm for inhabitants of the borough.

One of the suggestions included examining gambling facilities once every six months, instead of doing the inspections just once every year.

Although regular gambling and problem gambling are not inextricably linked, according to the report, “the most socioeconomically deprived and disadvantaged groups in England have the lowest gambling participation rates, but the highest levels of harmful gambling, and they are also the most vulnerable to harm.”

The committee acknowledged the report which will go to full approval of the council on December 15.

A more detailed report on the iGaming activity and potential harm in the Knowsley borough is expected to be released by the spring season of next year.


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