New PlayStation 5 model to be released on September 15

A Twitter user noticed that the PlayStation 5 revised model should start hitting the shelves on September 15

GEO Online, a Japanese retailer, published a page on its website for a new PlayStation 5. This console comes with a CFI-1200 model number, approved by Japanese regulators in May.

The retailer has specified September 15, 2022, as the release date for the new console. It also coincides with the previously announced price hike for the PlayStation 5 in Japan.

It appears that the new PlayStation 5 version will be launching on the same day as the price increases globally, which is probably a clever plan by Sony, who would be offering a new, slightly improved version of the console for an increased price.

The console seems to be 300 grams lighter with a smaller and simpler heatsink. It also updated the thumbscrew that can be screwed in without a screwdriver.

The PS5 CFI-1200 was first discovered through certification applications with Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in May. As with the previous CFI-1100, it is believed that there will be no improvements in the exterior design and size of the console. This version could bring the AMD 6nm chipset and make the console more widely available.

In addition, according to an Australian source, the new PS5 Standard Edition (CFI-1202A) will weigh 600 grams less than the original (3.9 kg instead of 4.5 kg). In other words, this model will be the same weight as the Digital version.

Also, the revised PS5 Digital Edition (CFI-1202B) will be 500 grams lighter than the original variant. (3.9 kg instead of 3.4 kg).

PlayStation 5 sold around 20 million units since its launch in 2022. The leading competitor Xbox Series X|S from Microsoft is also doing well, reaching around 15 million sold units according to some estimates. Still, both products are well behind Nintendo Switch, which is still selling like hotcakes.


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