Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Juventus could be coming to an end

Cristiano Ronaldo rowed with Szczesny, thrown his jersey and punched the wall after Genoa win, angry at Juventus teammates for not passing to him.

Observers think CR7 is unhappy at Juventus after seeing the Portuguese forward looking increasingly frustrated in recent weeks. The latest “temper tantrum” took place after Juventus defeated Genoa 3-1 on Sunday.

Despite the victory, Ronaldo was visibly angry and frustrated at the finals whistle. He was seen throwing his shirt on the ground before storming off into the dressing rooms.

Marca reports that Ronaldo continued his tantrum away from the cameras.

Ronaldo rebuked Wojciech Szczesny

Italian outlet Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Ronaldo was extremely angry with the passing of some of his teammates, including Giorgio Chiellini and Federico Chiesa.

At one stage in the game, Chiesa had a golden opportunity to slip Ronaldo through clear on goal but he refused to pass to him. Ronaldo wasn’t pleased and he had every right to be upset.

It is claimed Ronaldo rowed with Szczesny when he threw the ball out after a Genoa player went down injured.

“There are ten of them, we have to attack!” Ronaldo reportedly continued to say to the Polish goalkeeper and his teammates.

Then threw his shirt in anger in direction of a ball boy

A ball boy asked for Ronaldo’s shirt after the game.

The former Real Madrid star agreed to the request but he didn’t hand it to him personally. Instead, he ripped his jersey off and threw it on the floor.

When CR7 threw his Juve jersey to the ground yesterday, I didn’t have the feeling it was meant to be a present for the ball boy. Thus, the kid took a while to figure out there was a Cristiano Ronaldo shirt on the ground.

Gazzetta dello Sport also claimed that Ronaldo’s decision to throw the shirt angered the Juve fans who viewed the gesture as a lack of respect.

And eventually punched walls in the dressing room

Ronaldo’s frustration continued into the dressing room, where it is claimed he punched walls.

The Juventus star was so angry despite his side’s win, which just goes to show his elite mentality.

Ronaldo is a goal scorer and he always wants to score. He wants to win, of course, but he demands excellence of himself and he’s angry when he doesn’t produce his best.

That mentality is exactly why he has cemented his status as a footballing legend.

Andrea Pirlo defends Cristiano Ronaldo’s angry reaction

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo has offered an explanation for Cristiano Ronaldo‘s angry reaction following his team’s 3-1 victory over Genoa on Sunday.

Pirlo, speaking after the game, revealed the reason behind Ronaldo’s frustration.

“He was angry because he didn’t manage to score,” Pirlo said.

“It’s normal that someone like him always wants to improve. I don’t think he will be fined, it can happen to have moments of nervousness.”

Former Bianconeri midfielder believes the time has come for both parties to go their separate ways

Amid the exit talk and critics of Ronaldo’s influence at Juve, Mauro has told Gazzetta dello Sport: “Ronaldo has never been a leader where he has played and he never will be.

“He is like a company and his turnover is more important to him than the success of the team.

“Cristiano doesn’t drag his team-mates along with him, he always wants them to give him the ball to score goals. He is a great individualist, he is not a team player.

“From the point of view of results, Juventus with him did not do better than in the past, they even did worse in the Champions League. That is why the best thing for both of them is that their paths separate.”

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Ronaldo. He holds a contract with the Turin outfit until 2022.

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