Guardiola Man City Tactics for Football Manager 2016 & 2017

Download the best Pep Guardiola Manchester City tactics for Football Manager 2016 & 2017.

James Ducker accurately noted in The Telegraph that Man City’s “formation was invariably a sort of 2-3-4-1 but became a 2-3-2-3 at times,” and I’ve basically reshaped my previous variant of the tactic around that – and the results were spectacular!


By using this tactic your team will have a higher possession of the ball. The fully fluid philosophy ensures that all your players will get involved in the attacking phase (including the centre-back and even the goalie).

The charging full-backs will provide width as they will often open space whilst overlapping. The defensive midfielder will act as a pivot – he’s going to have to put up with lots of rough challenges.

All the attacking midfielders will get several chances to score, so make sure you place your best finishers there. On the left flank, you need an Inside Forward, whilst on the right, you’ll need a fast winger that can cross.

The lone striker will act as a False9 – he will drop deep in order to create space for the others to move into channels.



Although I’ve tweaked this tactic throughout the save, you can see that it’s capable of achieving pretty decent results…


The good thing about this tactic is that it works both home – in the Premier League:


and away – in the Champions League, against the likes of FC Bayern Munich…


But despite that I strongly recommend that you alternate tactics throughout the season – otherwise you won’t be able to maintain a long positive run.

Note: if you want to play like Guardiola and obtain a ridiculously higher possession reduce the Mentality and Tempo by one nudge (but expect to generate fewer goal-scoring chances).

See it at work

(Video) FC Bayern Munich 1 – 4 Manchester City (Goals)

(Video) Manchester City 6 – 1 Southampton (Goals)

Download the tactics (.zip file) and start playing straight away.

Don’t forget to tell us how it went!

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  1. This might seem a bit inappropriate question, but how to beat this tactic, if you were to play against it?
    Thank you for any tips!

  2. Downloaded this tactic out of curiosity, used the editor to set it to fully fluid for testing purposes, used it with spurs, using the players I had and beat arsenal (who were top) at the Emirates 9 bloody 1!

    Can’t wait to see what this tactic is capable of when I build a team around it! Amazing work!, even if it does look bonkers! Cheers.

  3. Please can you post the team instructions? I’ve downloaded the tactics at home but want to play on my tablet on holiday 🙂

  4. I bought your book can’t win to champion and I can’t win with the away tactics ughh. is there an update to it?

    • What club are you using it for? Man City?

      I haven’t had such problems…

      Anyway, if you expect to keep a clean sheet then you need to reduce the Mentality and Tempo by one nudge, but that will also affect your goalscoring chanches – like in any other tactical system!

  5. It’s not arrived in my email box… can someone please help? I have aol. I have checked both inbox and spam/junk and it’s not showing.

    • I don’t use any to be honest – as it changes the shape and flow of the tactic, but if you are used to setting up OI feel free to test out for yourself (in extremely difficult fixtures)

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