VIDEO: Romanian First League Football Craziest Moments

A video that includes some of the craziest moments in Liga 1 football between 2007 and 2012.

We wanted to share some of the craziest moments of Romanian First League Football in the typical Raumdeuter fashion, and we couldn’t think of any better way than making a selection and putting it together in a video.

1. 30th of October 2011 – Petrolul v Steaua

Galamaz gets hit in the head. Martinovic knocks down the mad Petrolul fan and gets sent off. The home side eventually lost 0-3.

2. 26th of August 2007 – Poli Timisoara v Rapid Bucharest

Former Wolves striker Ionel Ganea grabs and hits the linesmen after being provoked. He was then suspended for no less than 16 rounds.

3. 8th of May 2012 – U Cluj v CFR Cluj

Ricardo Cadu gets punished by raged keeper Mircea Bornescu during the local Cluj Derby. They both got sent off, only to continue fighting on their way to the locker rooms.

4. 31st of August 2009 – Astra v Ceahlaul

Liviu Ganea loses it during the 1st minute of stoppage time, kicking Cebotaru in his outrageous attempt to get the ball quicker. This one reminds me of Hazard for some odd reason…

5. 7th of August 2012 – Bistrita v Pandurii

Bistrita Manager Nicolae Manea completely loses it after being sent off by the reff. He refused to leave the pitch, but after a few minutes, he decided to throw a stretcher on the pitch and go off.

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