To dive, or not to dive? 10 worst diving footballer GIFs

Showcasing some of the most blatant diving - now part and parcel of the game - and play-acting ever witnessed on the football pitch.

Diving still seems to be a skill that’s much harder to master than football itself. So we’ve put together a few examples, only to prove that diving in football is a dying art…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Gif: Cristiano Ronaldo pointless dive vs Celta Vigo! | Witty Futty

Bryan Carrasco

Best Brian Carrasco GIFs | Gfycat

Some Hungarian first-division player

Football Dives GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Fernando Torres

Torres diving gif

Stevan Jovetic


Some player bumping into Kaka

Soccer Dive GIFs


The One Finger Job

Diving/Play-acting in GIFs - United Forum


Neymar diving gif

Ashley Young

Diving footballers

The one and only ‘Rivaldo’

Rivaldo diving gif

What’s your favourite?

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