World Cup in 2022 Odds: The chances that England will win

The bookmakers have placed Gareth Southgate's England squad as the equal third favourite to win the World Cup, with odds of 7/1

There have been no victories for Southgate’s team in any of their six matches, which have all been played in the Nations League. As a result, there is increasing supposition whether the man who guided England to the semi-finals four seasons ago will keep his stance if the team does not match or enhance upon that performance.

First, as we go into the odds, let’s gain some background information about wagering on Fifa games.

Wagering on FIFA matches

FIFA is a game that has a special place in each of our hearts. But, all things considered, if you are a follower of football, it is only natural for you to be interested in the digital version of your preferred sport. Besides this, FIFA offers us a great deal more to do on and off the electronic field than just watch two teams battle it out. These opportunities may be found both on and off the field. Therefore, we won’t be focusing on the actual game in this piece; rather, we will offer our readers the knowledge they need to be able to wager on FIFA matches that are performed officially.

It’s fascinating to note that the world of FIFA has only lately benefited from the expertise of pro athletes and gaming businesses. One of our favorite sports would not have the same level of professionalism without these two, besides the support of the event sponsors and organizers. After the stage was prepared and with a growing number of competitions taking place throughout the year, the next logical step was for bookmakers to catch on to the concept and incorporate it into their operations. As a result, we can now place legal wagers on FIFA matches.

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Who will come out on top in the World Cup in 2022?

Betting for England

England is now tied for third place with 7/1 odds of winning the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. This will be a first, as the World Cup has never taken place during the cold season.

The team coached by Southgate had a hard run in the Nations League, going winless in their last six matches. Their lackluster performance contributed to their losses at home and on the road against Hungary, not to mention their loss in Milan against Italy.

There is no question that England has one of the most talented teams overall. And with Harry Kane running the line, the squad will always have a chance, but if they want to win their first league championship since 1966, they need to enhance their success.

In Qatar, the competition is fierce

The odds for Brazil to win the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 are 4/1, making them the favorite to take home the trophy.

Even though Argentina defeated Brazil in the final of the Copa America the year before, Tite’s team has been playing exceptionally well as of late, both in their qualifying matches and their friendlies. Players like Neymar, Raphinha, and Richarlison are all prepared to contribute to the tournament in some capacity.

The five-time global champions have been placed in Group G with Serbia, along with Switzerland and Cameroon, and it is anticipated that they will advance with little to no serious difficulty.

Holders France is now favored to win the World Cup and has odds of 6/1 to do so, following in the footsteps of Brazil in 1962 as the only other country to successfully defend their title. The draw for the Nations League pits Denmark’s Les Bleus against France, who have already been defeated by Denmark twice.

Argentina, who won the South American championship, are 7/1 to win the World Cup, and they are placing their trust in Lionel Messi being in top form for the tournament – possibly even greater knowing this will be Messi’s last World Cup. Argentina’s rivals in Group C, Mexico, and Poland, are expected to give them a challenging test, but it is one that Argentina seems to be more than capable of handling.

The odds for Spain to win the World Cup are 8/1, and they have been competitive in both the National League. Spain won the World Cup in 2010. The squad coached by Luis Enrique is loaded with excellent young players who have the potential to shock everybody in Qatar.

Nonetheless, Spain and Germany (10/1) have been placed in the same group for this year’s World Cup, and the matchup between the two countries will provide a lot of insight into how each team will do overall in the tournament.


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