Football Manager 2016 Tactic – Home 4-1-4-1 Ultra Possession

Download a unique home tactic that uses Wing Backs and the Defensive Forward role in Football Manager 2016.

I have the pleasure of unveiling one of the most dominant home tactics in Football Manager 2016. This FM16 tactic is based on recycling possession as quick as possible by maintaining a highly efficient team shape.

If you want your team to play possession football and control the match, then this tactic is for you – even if the team’s Mentality is set to Defensive.

Most players will contribute to all phases of play, within a very fluid system (despite the totally opposite Team Shape instruction). You will notice that most of your players will get goalscoring chances.

Formation & Roles


Team Instructions

Mentality: Defensive

Team Shape: Highly Structured



I’d recommend you to neither change Mentality nor Team Shape, at least until you understand the tactics. Ideally, you want fast full-backs that can send a proper cross, as well as hard-working box-to-box type midfielders.

I prefer having box-to-box type midfielders even in the AMC positions.

Place wingers as you wish; if they are very fast then you’d rather play them on their prefered foot, as they are more likely to send quality crosses.

You Striker and the two Centre Backs won’t run as hard as the other outfielders.

Caution! This tactic doesn’t work very well when playing away from home.

Download the tactics file to quickly get the Individual Player Instructions.

Can’t win away matches on FM16? Tired of losing and being stuck in mediocrity? Do you need calibrated tactics and a proven performers shortlist?

Then, wait no more: FM 16 – Can’t Win To Champion is out. Download the guide and master the game after only one read!


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